Monday, October 13, 2008

Top 10 Candidates & Committees on ActBlue, September 29-October 5, 2008


Kay Hagan | NC-Sen | $169,555.56

Rick Noriega | TX-Sen | $126,150.30

Barack Obama | President $96,512.13

Scott Kleeb | NE-Sen | $68,906.59

Joseph Sestak Jr | PA-07 | $66,683.00

Scott Harper | IL-13 | $53,792.23

Chellie Pingree | ME-01 | $53,470.00

Eric Massa | NY-29 | $50,290.42

Mark Warner | VA-Sen | $48,287.75

Judy Baker | MO-09 | $43,550.30


Kay Hagan (NC-Sen)

Kay Hagan, a Campaign Newswire regular, is running against Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole and was named one of the "top ten most effective state senators" by the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research (NCCPPR). The five-term North Carolina state senator continues to pick up high-profile endorsements.

Kay Hagan has been the beneficiary in the past week of returns from a successful fundraiser in Charlotte, and a push by General Wesley Clark, joined by John Kerry, Kathleen Sebelius, Barbara Boxer, and Hillary Clinton, to support three women candidates for office ( Kay had a very successful last week of the third quarter (

Hagan's ActBlue hubpage:

Hagan's campaign site:

Rick Noriega (TX-Sen)

Noriega is certainly no newcomer to ActBlue success, and has appeared on every Top 10 List since ActBlue launched the Campaign Newswire in June 2008. After Noriega's Army tour in Afghanistan, the two-term Texas state representative and Lieutenant Colonel was appointed Incident Commander of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in Houston, Texas. He's now running against Republican incumbent John Cornyn for the Texas Senate seat.

The Noriega campaign, again an Orange to Blue favorite at Daily Kos, also won the Blue America contest for the candidate with the greatest number of donors. As the winner of the contest, Noriega received $5000 from Blue America PAC.

Noriega's ActBlue hubpage:

Noriega's campaign site:

Barack Obama (President)

Illinois Senator Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for President.

The Obama-Biden campaign has been the beneficiary of fundraising pushes by AmericaBlog, Atrios, Balloon Juice, and Daily Kos (Orange to Blue). Obama has more than 280 individual, successful fundraisers on ActBlue, and has received more than 11,000 individual contributions from the ActBlue community. A group of students at Vanderbilt have already raised more than $2400 for the campaign in small increments, in preparation for an upcoming campus event.

Obama's ActBlue hubpage:

Obama's campaign site:

Scott Kleeb (NE-Sen)

Kleeb is a fourth generation Nebraskan, who lived in military bases overseas as a child and has worked in the Sandhills of Nebraska and as a ranch hand in eastern Colorado. While working on the dissertation for his Ph.D. from Yale, Kleeb traveled all over the Western United States and saw firsthand the difficulties that farmers, ranchers and small business owners were facing as part of a shrinking middle class. Kleeb now works to promote locally-grown food and responsible business practices as Director of Operations for Morgan Ranch, a Nebraska-based beef company.

Kleeb continues to raise a considerable amount from the Orange to Blue page, and through innovative ads like his "I Am the Fifty State Strategy" video, online at

Kleeb's ActBlue hubpage:

Kleeb's campaign site:

Joseph Sestak, Jr. (PA-07)

Former Navy Vice Admiral Joseph Sestak, Jr., was elected to Congress in 2006, defeating ten-term Republican incumbent Curt Weldon, and is running for re-election this year. Between tours in the Navy, Sestak earned a master's degree in Public Administration and a Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government from Harvard, and later served as Director for Defense Policy on the staff of the National Security Council under President Clinton, and as director of "Deep Blue," the Navy's anti-terrorism unit. Sestak is the senior military veteran in Congress and the highest-ranking former military officer ever elected to Congress. Sestak was among ActBlue's ten most successful candidates in 2006.

The majority of Sestak's contributions this week have come through the candidate's hubpage.

Sestak's ActBlue hubpage:

Sestak's campaign site:

Scott Harper (IL-13)

Small business owner Scott Harper is running for Congress in the Illinois 13th against Republican incumbent Judy Biggert.

The majority of Harper's contributions this week have come through the candidate's hubpage. Harper has also been the beneficiary of support from Jan Schakowsky (, Dick Durbin, and the DCCC, which recently added Harper to its 'Emerging Races' List (

Harper's ActBlue hubpage:

Harper's campaign site:

Chellie Pingree (ME-01)

Pingree is a former Maine Senate Majority Leader and was most recently the President and CEO of Common Cause, a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization.

The majority of Pingree's contributions this week have come through the candidate's hubpage.

Pingree's ActBlue hubpage:

Pingree's campaign site:

Eric Massa (NY-29)

Naval veteran Eric Massa is a candidate for Congress in New York's 29th District. He is challenging Republican incumbent Randy Kuhl for the second time. Massa is a vocal supporter of the "Responsible Plan for Iraq." This is Massa's second cycle with ActBlue.

In addition to an outpouring of support from the Daily Kos community (Massa is an Orange to Blue candidate), the Massa campaign has been the beneficiary this week of contributions for a fundraiser with Senator Clinton, and of contributions responding to an ask emphasizing one of the campaign's consistent themes, leaving a sustainable future to the next generation. The ask reads, "It is my responsibility to pass on to my children a nation as solid and as improved as the country I inherited from my parents. When I look at my kids, Justin and Alexandra, I see the burden of the mistakes being made today weighing on their futures. The security of our economic future is not clear and becomes more in question every day. Jobs are being shipped overseas, access to health care is more difficult and more expensive. The deficit fueled by tax cuts and unrelenting government spending has created a true toddler tax of over $27,000 dollars for every new child born in this nation. We are failing to secure the future for our children. This is what brings me here today, and I want to turn that around."

Massa's ActBlue hubpage:

Massa's campaign site:

Mark Warner (VA-Sen)

During his tenure as Virginia Governor from 2002-2006, Warner was hailed by Time Magazine as one of "America's 5 Best Governors" in 2005 and was featured in Newsweek's "Who's Next" issue in 2006. Warner is running for what will be Republican John Warner's vacated Senate seat.

The Warner campaign has received considerable support in the last days from a 'Women for Warner' fundraiser hosted by Senators Mikulski, Stabenow, Klobuchar, and Lincoln. Warner has also received support from the National Jewish Democratic Council Political Action Committee.

Warner's ActBlue hubpage:

Warner's campaign site:

Judy Baker (MO-09)

Judy Baker is running for Congress in Missouri's 9th District. Through her work as a state representative in Missouri, the National Conference of State Legislatures recognized Baker as an "Emerging Health Care Leader." After receiving a master's degree in divinity, Baker returned to Missouri and worked in the health care industry, becoming a successful businesswoman and starting her own consulting firm. An active member of her community, Baker served as part-time administrative director for ACTS International, a non-profit, humanitarian organization.

Judy Baker is one of three women candidates to receive contributions stemming from an ask by General Wesley Clark. Baker has also been supported by the Orange to Blue effort at Daily Kos and by the DCCC's Red to Blue list.

Baker's ActBlue hubpage:

Baker's campaign site:

* All fundraising totals represent the amount raised from 12:00 a.m. on September 29 until 11:59 p.m. on October 5.